Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Huh? What is a "technocognibrarian"?

Hello. A pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my new blog - techno.cogni.brarian. Why call it that? Easy. Because:

  1. I'm a geek. I love gadgets and new technology. But I'm not obsessed with them, so my budget is safe.
  2. I work in the knowledge management field. I've long been interested in trying to make better use of people and what they know in an organisation. Too much management science and associated management fads tend to view people as just another cog, and not really recognising their intrinsic value. I love being involved in activities that try to increase the value of people beyond the monetary, in a way that is recognisable and not taken for granted. And the significant part of all this is minds and brains - the cognitive functions - which is where this value comes from.
  3. I'm a librarian. According to my degree, anyway. I strangely love libraries the way I love the local butcher and greengrocer - a part of life that is disappearing, partly through their own incompetence at promoting their value, and partly because we're moving closer and closer to the world of ACME, where a single company does the lot - Coke makes your drinks, Woolies sells your groceries, Borders sells your books, Baker's delight sells your bread, etc.
So there we are: "techno-" for geek, "cogni-" for minds, "-brarian" for librarian - techno.cogni.brarian. The dots are just a bit of Web2.0 wank. Feel free to make fun of them.